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Senior Transitions Made Simple

We help seniors and families with the entire process of transitioning to long term care.

Transitions can be overwhelming. Transitions can be a step into a new life of experience. Silver Bridge is here to walk along side you and give you tools to use as you transition.

Senior transitions are especially complex.

Human beings who have a long experience of life, raising families, building careers, contributing to communities may suddenly find themselves unable to continue on as they have for decades and face immediate dilemmas about how to manage growing challenges. At this stage most of us are largely unaware of what we are about to experience.

Silver Bridge Senior Transitions provides you a reliable professional team to help you plan for an efficient, stress free move to a new life!

We communicate clearly with all parties involved, give perspective on what might be required from third parties and direct you to a team of experienced, vetted professionals competent in their respective fields of practice.

Our services are entirely complimentary to the sale of real estate. We provide an array of services that add cushion and expertise to your home selling experience.

Our Turnkey Services:

• Coaching to Help Plan Your Life’s Next Steps
• Identifying Needed Tasks for a Transition to Care
• Scope of Work, Budgeting, Scheduling
• Referrals to Trusted Legal, Care Placement and Financial Advisors
• Help With Estate Sales, Donations, Disposal, Cleaning
• Help With Packing, Moving
• Help and Guidance with Optimal Repairs and Renovations
Loans to Pay For Transition Expenses Before Your Home Sells
• Maximizing Asset Value to Pay For Care
• Success Client Stories and References Available


We are proud to be part of a larger movement to help families transition their loved ones into long-term care.  Want to see more about that movement and our commitment to the Senior Industry?  Learn more at



The Essential Guide to
Understanding and Funding Senior Care


Discover Resources for Funding Senior Care

Evaluate Senior Living Options for Your Loved One

Strategize a Smooth Transition into Care  

Ensure Your Loved One’s Safety and Companionship


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