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We help families that have a loved one moving into senior living.


Transitions can be overwhelming. Transitions can be a step into a new life of experience, learning and preparation.

Senior transitions are especially complex. Human beings who have a long experience of life, raising families, building careers, contributing to communities may suddenly find themselves unable to continue on as they have for decades and face immediate dilemmas about how to manage growing challenges. At this stage most of us are largely unaware of what we are about to experience.

  • What will I do if I am unable to get around like I used to?
  • I can’t clean and maintain my home by myself any more. Who is there to help?
  • How do I protect my ability to choose my care options and my estate. What are they?
  • If I need long term care, how much does it cost and how will I pay for it?
  • My home hasn’t been updated or even got a coat of fresh paint in a long time. I could really use help with the stairs or something to grab onto in the shower. Should I improve my home or consider moving to a place where I can get some help?
  • What do I/we do with the house? What is it worth? What are we going to do with all of the “stuff”?
  • What if we need money to clean up the real estate and get it ready for sale? Where will we get that?
  • Who will do all the work? How much will it cost?
  • Can I just sell my home as is and not worry about all the things it needs?

In facing questions like this you need a reliable professional team to help you plan for an efficient, stress free move to a new life, communicate clearly with all parties involved, give perspective on what might be required from third parties and direct you to a team of experienced, vetted professionals competent in their respective fields of practice.

If you then decide you need that team to execute the plan, experience counts.

Jim Freeman is a Certified Senior Transition Specialist with Moms House. Renita has served individual seniors and care communities as a volunteer. We have helped dozens of seniors successfully transition to a better life experience.

We are also human beings who have experienced the transition of loved ones, faced these same questions and successfully resolved them for our loved ones and ourselves.

If you are facing similar questions you might want to talk to other who has had these experiences just to ask a few questions without charge or obligation, feel free to give either of us a call at (360) 615-3504.

Disclosure: Jim Freeman is a licensed real estate managing broker with Coldwell Banker Park Shore, WA License #17777.

We are proud to be part of a larger movement to help families transition their loved ones into long-term care.  Want to see more about that movement and our commitment to the Senior Industry?  Learn more at

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Evaluate Senior Living Options for Your Loved One

Strategize a Smooth Transition into Care  

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To help families solve one of their biggest challenges in the journey to senior care by offering an easier, less stressful way transition to a higher level of care. We start with an in-depth assessment of the senior’s unique circumstances involving all family members, friends and advisors. We then construct a plan to maximize the senior’s assets to provide them with what they need to purchase care. Most often this involves the sale of their home. We use our skills and expertise in real estate to deliver a stress free result to benefit the senior most. In only those cases where it maximizes the senior’s assets as one option we are able to make a cash, out the door, all fees and commissions paid by us, check in the bank, as-is, leave the stuff offer that will close within a matter of weeks. In most cases because the senior will do better, we will find an owner occupant purchaser that is likely to pay the most and manage the entire process for the senior to relieve the stress.

Our ecosystem is made up of senior care and service providers across Western WA that includes senior living operators, placement agents, home healthcare providers, downsizing experts, and elder law attorneys working in alignment to ease each family’s burden in the journey to senior care respectfully and compassionately.


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