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This Is Your Life – A Special Event

Sharing Your Life Story

Renita and I at Silver Bridge Senior Transitions spend every day assisting seniors through what is often a traumatic transition from independence to needing higher levels of care. We find that every situation faced by seniors that come to us is unique but we are always asking the question what can we do to make…

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Using Medicaid and Protecting Your Assets

How to pay for long term care as a senior when you need it can be an overwhelming challenge. Most of wait until it is a crisis to address the question. This approach can result in less than satisfactory results. Planning far enough in advance has many advantages including protecting your assets, placement in a…

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Choosing the Right Moving Company When You Need to Move

andy borchers head shot

When seniors are engaged in considering a move from their home the issue of moving furniture and belongings always rises to the top of their concerns. In this interview with Andy Borchers of United Moving and Storage, Bremerton, WA Renita Olsen and Jim Freeman learned from an insider’s perspective how to find, interview, verify and…

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What Every Adult Needs to Know About Medicaid


I have to confess that I knew very little about an important component of the matrix of resources provided by government and private companies to care for seniors. My uneducated opinion was that Medicaid is a last stop resource for people that have outlived and outspent their resources at a time when they are unable…

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The Story Speaks For Itself


Testimonial – Mr. James Freeman My father and stepmother, both in their mid-80’s, owned a home in Bremerton, Washington. They had some retirement income however their savings were depleted, and they had acquired significant debt through credit cards and a second mortgage. My stepmother’s Alzheimer’s had progressed to the extent that she needed professional care.…

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Transitions Aren’t Just For Seniors

Recently I was able to help a couple who were not seniors but needed to move from one neighborhood to another right away. Like all of us who have lived a long time in the same home they had accumulated a pretty substantial collection of personal belongings compounded by acquiring another household due to the…

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A Senior Transition Success Story – Pat Warberg


Not all seniors we help are able or willing to record an interview with us but we received these nice words from family members who worked very hard to help their senior loved one through a difficult transition: “Hi Jim, I have bought and sold many homes/properties in my past successfully with and without Realtor’s/Brokers…

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What You Didn’t Know About Medicare But Need To With Expert Alexandra Houle

Medicare Expert

Medicare is just a government program that pays for seniors’ health care insurance, right? Well, true enough but it is a lot more complicated than I thought. This interview with Alexandra Houle will tell you more, a lot more! Before I met Alexandra I didn’t even know that Medicare Insurance Brokers even existed. Just like…

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Is It Too Late To Purchase Long Term Care Coverage After 60?

Linda Thalheimer Head Shot

One may very well need to be a rocket scientist to understand the topic of long term care insurance. Or better yet it might be better to have a competent, caring expert to evaluate your needs and offer objective advice about the options you do have. Linda Thalheimer agreed to  speak with us about long…

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Estate Sales, Downsizing, Moving

Blue Nest Head Shot

Sheila Perrault of Blue Nest Home Our interview with Sheila telling us how to effectively deal with downsizing, estate sales and moving those 20-30-40 years worth of accumulations when transitioning to a new home. For more information please visit

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