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Hard To Find Home Care

Discussion With Ben Douglas We sat down with Ben of Generations Home Care recently to learn more about their flexible home care services for seniors aging at home or in care communities. In our experience working with seniors, finding someone to come in periodically to help with activities of daily living is difficult to find.…

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What Every Adult Needs to Know About Medicaid

I have to confess that I knew very little about an important component of the matrix of resources provided by government and private companies to care for seniors. My uneducated opinion was that Medicaid is a last stop resource for people that have outlived and outspent their resources at a time when they are unable…

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Is It Too Late To Purchase Long Term Care Coverage After 60?

One may very well need to be a rocket scientist to understand the topic of long term care insurance. Or better yet it might be better to have a competent, caring expert to evaluate your needs and offer objective advice about the options you do have. Linda Thalheimer agreed to  speak with us about long…

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