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Warm Words From a Senior Client

If you are looking for a great real estate agent who is willing to go the extra mile for you, both literally and figuratively, Jim Freeman is your man. Many of his clients, like I, are senior citizens.  He is well attuned to the needs of this group and maintains a list of referral services.…

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Choosing the Right Moving Company When You Need to Move

When seniors are engaged in considering a move from their home the issue of moving furniture and belongings always rises to the top of their concerns. In this interview with Andy Borchers of United Moving and Storage, Bremerton, WA Renita Olsen and Jim Freeman learned from an insider’s perspective how to find, interview, verify and…

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A Senior Transition Success Story – Pat Warberg

Not all seniors we help are able or willing to record an interview with us but we received these nice words from family members who worked very hard to help their senior loved one through a difficult transition: “Hi Jim, I have bought and sold many homes/properties in my past successfully with and without Realtor’s/Brokers…

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Estate Sales, Downsizing, Moving

Sheila Perrault of Blue Nest Home Our interview with Sheila telling us how to effectively deal with downsizing, estate sales and moving those 20-30-40 years worth of accumulations when transitioning to a new home. For more information please visit

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