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When You Need the Help of an Angel – Gabriella Loya

When you or a loved one are faced with a decision about caring for someone who is less able to care for themselves the number of questions and challenges that you face can be shocking. Unless you, a family member or a friend have worked in the senior care area you most likely won’t even…

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How To Accurately Assess Your Senior Care Options

Let’s face it. Assessing care options for seniors is frustrating and confusing…even for people who aren’t seniors! Silverbridge Senior Transitions provides resources and help for seniors needing more care but we stay in our lane when it comes to other areas in which we are not experts. We refer them to experienced professionals that we…

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Protect Your Assets From Nursing Home Costs

How to protect your assets from nursing home costs- a few financial tips and tricks. Knowing how to protect your assets from nursing home costs is crucial if you wish to pass on your hard-earned wealth to your loved ones. Long-term care can consume all your valuable savings if you don’t plan your finances properly…

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