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Real People Real Stories

The Story Speaks For Itself

Testimonial – Mr. James Freeman My father and stepmother, both in their mid-80’s, owned a home in Bremerton, Washington. They had some retirement income however their savings were depleted, and they had acquired significant debt through credit cards and a second mortgage. My stepmother’s Alzheimer’s had progressed to the extent that she needed professional care.…

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A Senior Transition Success Story – Pat Warberg

Not all seniors we help are able or willing to record an interview with us but we received these nice words from family members who worked very hard to help their senior loved one through a difficult transition: “Hi Jim, I have bought and sold many homes/properties in my past successfully with and without Realtor’s/Brokers…

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Estate Sales, Downsizing, Moving

Sheila Perrault of Blue Nest Home Our interview with Sheila telling us how to effectively deal with downsizing, estate sales and moving those 20-30-40 years worth of accumulations when transitioning to a new home. For more information please visit

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How To Accurately Assess Your Senior Care Options

Let’s face it. Assessing care options for seniors is frustrating and confusing…even for people who aren’t seniors! Silverbridge Senior Transitions provides resources and help for seniors needing more care but we stay in our lane when it comes to other areas in which we are not experts. We refer them to experienced professionals that we…

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Real People, Real Stories

The Story of Joellen and Joe. Jim Freeman recently spoke with Wendy Beasy regarding the heartwarming story of helping her mother transition to a higher level of care.

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