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This Is Your Life – A Special Event

Renita and I at Silver Bridge Senior Transitions spend every day assisting seniors through what is often a traumatic transition from independence to needing higher levels of care. We find that every situation faced by seniors that come to us is unique but we are always asking the question what can we do to make…

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The Story Speaks For Itself

Testimonial – Mr. James Freeman My father and stepmother, both in their mid-80’s, owned a home in Bremerton, Washington. They had some retirement income however their savings were depleted, and they had acquired significant debt through credit cards and a second mortgage. My stepmother’s Alzheimer’s had progressed to the extent that she needed professional care.…

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Transitions Aren’t Just For Seniors

Recently I was able to help a couple who were not seniors but needed to move from one neighborhood to another right away. Like all of us who have lived a long time in the same home they had accumulated a pretty substantial collection of personal belongings compounded by acquiring another household due to the…

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