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A Senior Transition Success Story – Pat Warberg


Not all seniors we help are able or willing to record an interview with us but we received these nice words from family members who worked very hard to help their senior loved one through a difficult transition:

"Hi Jim, I have bought and sold many homes/properties in my past successfully with and without Realtor's/Brokers assistance.  As you know, I helped to accomplish the sale of Pat Warberg's residence in Port Orchard using your service and expertise.  I am very grateful for how patient you were with Pat and MaryAnn and myself through some of the bumps involved in this sale.  Especially many of the unique situations that occurred, some of which were even new to both you and me.  I appreciate the extra help to investigate, provide and help resolve those issues throughout the listing and sale.  Some of the issues caused us stress and concern, but you guided us through completion and to the satisfaction of the Lender, Buyer and us to get it done.  I will easily recommend you as the one to call in any future sales or purchases involving my friends and/or relatives in the greater Bremerton/Port Orchard area.

Thanks again, 
Dennis (Dan) & MaryAnn Royer"
Thank you Dan and MaryAnn for your kindness and support.