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Giving Thanks…. At The Kitsap Providers Breakfast

"The Kids Don't Want Your Stuff" Sheila Perrault

The Kitsap Providers Breakfast meets again at Country Meadows Independent Living on Tuesday, November 21, 2023 beginning at 8:40 am. Betsy Tarpley, community relations director and her team will host us with Sarah Dickenson, culinary artist, and her team providing nutritious, delightful refreshments. We all have much to be thankful for with such people providing care and hospitality.

 Medicare Open Enrollment

 Open enrollment for medicare ranges from October 15th, 2023 through December 7th, 2023. So, it is timely that our speaker at the November meeting will be Gary Floring, a medicare insurance broker and educator. Why is it important to hear more about medicare? The answer is simple: Offerings from insurance carriers change at least once a year during the open enrollment period. Costs, out of pocket risks and coverage can vary widely during this period even from the current carrier. If you work directly with seniors at least a basic understanding of this process can be important to those with whom you work.

 Last Month at KPB

 Our October meeting was held for the first time at Liberty Shores Retirement Community. Many thanks to Kay Pursey, Deanna Hilse and Candace Meadows for producing a flawless meeting. Liberty Shores is an attractive, well run community with water views and delicious food. I particularly enjoyed the blintzes prepared by the meal staff. I am grateful to you.

Last month’s speaker was the inimitable Sheila Perrault of Blue Nest Home accompanied by Olimpia Bor. Sheila’s presentation was entitled “The Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff”. We learned a lot about hoe seniors can best manage “the stuff”. Thanks for that, Sheila and Olimpia.

Your engagement is the key to a successful connecting and service group like the Kitsap Providers Breakfast. The best thing you can do to make our community more successful is to invite a Breakfast friend, old or new, to our gathering. If you do this it will make us all more successful and serve seniors better. See you soon.