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Testimonial – Mr. James Freeman

My father and stepmother, both in their mid-80’s, owned a home in Bremerton, Washington. They had some retirement income however their savings were depleted, and they had acquired significant debt through credit cards and a second mortgage. My stepmother’s Alzheimer’s had progressed to the extent that she needed professional care. It was time to sell the house. But they had acquired lots of “stuff” and the house needed maintenance and repairs. With five siblings / step siblings living in Washington, California, and Arizona, we didn’t even know where to start!
My stepsister did some research and the family agreed to go with James Freeman. We thought we were just getting a real estate agent, but we got much more!
Not only does Jim have intimate knowledge of the real estate process, he is also well connected in the industry and community, and has a genuine understanding and concern for the plight of aging adults.
We relied on Jim’s strengths time and time again throughout this process allowing us to overcome all challenges. Jim secured transition funding so the family could pay for relocation, living expenses and home repairs until the house was sold. His relationship with a full-service home organizing and auction company made the estate sale and home cleaning a resounding success. Jim provided expert advice on required home maintenance as well as appropriate yard clean-up. He furnished specific market data and trends to help us set the correct asking price. Jim worked tirelessly on advertising our parents’ home which resulted in a successful sales transaction.
One of Jim’s greatest assets is his people skills. Remember, we have five siblings / step siblings living in multiple states and my father was involved in this process. You can bet that we had differentiating views on how to proceed on multiple occasions. At each decision point, Jim coordinated and led long distance meetings. He was always well prepared, anticipated questions and successfully navigated through all our opinions and preconceived notions. He patiently listened to every one of us, which led to buy-in from all at each decision point.
After the house was sold and he got paid, Jim did not just disappear. He continued to communicate with me on a personal level both listening and providing guidance in his own special way as I continue to deal with the situation of my aging father, who, by the way, is happily living in a home referred to by none other than Mr. James Freeman.
It has been my pleasure to meet and work with Jim. I firmly believe that there is no one else that possesses his unique knowledge, skills, network, and genuine concern for our aging adults. There is no one that could have done a better job for us.
Thank you, Jim, for everything you did to help our family successfully sell our parents’ home and transition to the next level of care. On a personal level, I want to thank you for your understanding, help, and guidance with the uniqueness required to care for my father.