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Transitions Aren’t Just For Seniors

Recently I was able to help a couple who were not seniors but needed to move from one neighborhood to another right away. Like all of us who have lived a long time in the same home they had accumulated a pretty substantial collection of personal belongings compounded by acquiring another household due to the death of a relative. They had acquired the home they were living in by use of their VA eligibility and were apprehensive because they were under the impression that VA borrowers could have only one VA loan at a time, a common perception.

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Fortunately just before I met with them for the first time I called my friend, Cherie Nurmi of American Pacific Mortgage and discussed with her what I knew of their aspirations and challenges. She told me something that I did not know myself but which eventually proved to be the key to breaking through barriers leading them to a success.

The problem solved in this particular example has to do with 1) the need of sellers to find a new home before selling their existing home; and 2) the fact that VA borrowers are not constrained by the number of VA loans they owe but by the amount of their VA appropriation and their capacity to pay. During this conversation Cherie Nurmi broadened her discussion of solutions to the buy before you sell dilemma to include households who utilize loan programs other than VA.

The point is that seeking expert advice will lead you to find solutions that you didn’t know existed.

If you or someone you know is facing the buy first before I sell dilemma you should find this conversation very interesting.