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What Every Adult Needs to Know About Medicaid


I have to confess that I knew very little about an important component of the matrix of resources provided by government and private companies to care for seniors. My uneducated opinion was that Medicaid is a last stop resource for people that have outlived and outspent their resources at a time when they are unable themselves to work to increase their income and other resources for their own care. This view is essentially correct but there is so much more.

My eyes were opened when I met Aaron Paker, an attorney and counselor with Life Point Law in Federal Way Washington. Aaron agreed to record some interviews to help explain his book “A Washington Resident’s Guide to Medicaid Long Term Care Benefits”.

It is filled with facts and case studies of good results when seniors and their families prepare sufficiently in advance to use Medicaid benefits, if and when needed, and a few case studies with very negative outcomes for those who made application for Medicaid with less than a complete understanding of how Medicaid actually works. Senior care industry studies indicate that something like 70% of seniors will require long term care in their later years and many of those will require Medicaid assistance to pay for long term care.

Aaron has successfully helped hundreds of senior households prepare in advance to qualify for Medicaid assistance in Washington State while preserving some or all of their accumulated assets including investments, home equity and savings.

Please do view this important interview all the way through and contact Aaron on his website to obtain a free copy of his book at