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What Is Living In a Senior Community Really Like?

ENC CM - Myth vs Fact with Jim Freeman Flyer
ENC CM - Myth vs Fact with Jim Freeman Flyer

At Silver Bridge Senior Transitions, we work with seniors every day facing highly emotional decisions about how they are going to continue on when needing more care from others than they have since childhood. For most of us this dilemma is so unpleasant to think about that we and our loved ones avoid even discussing it. For adult children especially we experience fear, guilt and shame.

In the absence of full discussion and planning unfortunately seniors face the possibility that the state will take over our decision-making process with results that we wouldn’t favor. Our mission at Silver Bridge Senior Transitions is first to educate seniors and their families about the options available to them and how nest to protect any senior individual’s choice about who will care for them and who will be making decisions on our behalf should we become unable to do so.

Another huge question that arises is “Where would I go if I choose to move? What is life really like in a senior care community?”.

We are very pleased to join a series of panel discussions presented by Encore Communities in Silverdale, WA including Country Meadows Independent Living Apartments, 12169 Country Meadows Lane NW, Silverdale, WA 98383 on Thursday, April 27, 2023, from 11:00 am to noon. The panel for this first of five anticipated events will consist of a panel of residents who will share their real-life experiences in transition and what to expect. Hosted by Jaime Maier and Steven Ferrarini.

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