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Reflections On Senior Life

"As we age, we have more possibility to observe the wholeness of our life, to see in retrospect how apparently disparate events and curious details rearrange themselves like puzzle pieces into a strangely integrated totality. Perhaps we begin to perceive a mysterious working of some greater will behind the particular events of our biography; our sense of higher self at work in our developing story can deepen. Our unique journey is there for our contemplation if we are open to the work of life reflection. We can all be helped in this effort if those around us take the time to ask about our experiences."

"Even though some of the older people began with the statement that there was nothing very interesting about their lives, most perked up at having someone listen with genuine engagement to their stories. Cheeks grew pink, postures straightened, and laughter and tears were openly shared."

“Sometimes we want to look at our lives from a fresh perspective, and we realize that we would like to do this in conversation with someone else. We are not in a crisis but there is a question that keeps surfacing, and we would like to explore its roots through our evolving life story. Perhaps the idea of seven-year phases intrigues us and we would like to work with someone on how they have played out in our own life journey. Or we may be a transition moment, and we want to gather some of the threads weaving through our life before stepping toward the future.

At the heart of biography work is the understanding that each life story is a unique revelation and deep wisdom. For the biography practitioner, each ‘journey’ is sacred and there is an understanding that the ‘traveler’ is continually informed by both individual and universal truths. Biography practitioners bring a carefully structured process, artistic exercises, and true listening to life explorations.”

Taken From "Why On Earth", Signe Eklund Schaefer

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